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The Visit (1)

it was five minutes after the rain. that was my most favourite moment. the air was still wet, and the smell of grass was still fresh. the sunshine shone, like a shy little girl approacing a stranger. and the raindrops that left dripped from the tree leaves. it was heavenly.

the boulevard

everything was beautiful and warm. as i drove my car trough the boulevard, i peeked at the backseat. a box of fresh pecan pie. the aroma was inviting. it reminded of her, someone so special. a darling, a bearhug, a shoulder to cry on.

something different, guys!
will continue :)


Dark Half said...

yay! penerbitan keris now showing in english

martini said...

going global baby!

nasyrun said...

lain macam je

Ami said...

Haa? Lari Dari Syurga dah shut down kot

Martini Muaz said...

nasyrun: we'll see :p

Ami: wah. mengomen di blog aku. pada aku.

Larasephia said...

this is nice.

I could (almost) feel the warmth.


Martini Muaz said...

thank you lara :)

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