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The Visit (2)

the birds chirped cheerly as I arrived. it was like a greeting. her lawn was full of wild yellow daisies and Japanese bamboos. and  holding the pie box, I stepped out of the car. there she was, looking just like years and years ago I could remember. she was standing at the door. she smiled at me as always.

"how was work?" she kissed my cheeks. cold as ice. but still smelled like her favourite English rose talc.

"it was okay." not. "I bought you your favourite pecan pie."

The garden chairs where I sat with her
she and I sat on the garden chairs. "you mean your favourite pecan pie?"

"can't help it, can I?" I opened the box. "it reminds me of you. want some?"

she shook her head. she repeated the exact same answer to the exact same question for the last two years. "help yourself, darling." and asked me to eat it for her.

to be continued :)


Dark Half said...

let me take a wild guess here. the lady is her mom? or it might be a lesbo love story..kiki

Larasephia said...

pecan gives you wind, baby

I sure hope farts wont come between these two lovers.

Edy said...

sweet nuance.

keep this on, okay.

if what Dark half say is true, it might as well end in some erotic scene.


just messing with you ;P

Martini Muaz said...

thank you guys :D

HEROICzero said...

now i wonder who she is .



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