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The Visit (3)

"how it tastes like? does it tastes good?"

"never as good as yours." but I was hungry anyway so I swallowed. this one was a bit tastless, unlike hers, full of warm cinnamon smell. yes, she put cinnamon in it. manually grated.

as usual while I was eating, we talked. about how fast my life was in a week. on Saturday I broke up with someone I have known for almost seven years. oh she knew who. I cried for almost an hour. on Sunday I went out to do what I have to do-shopping. on Monday my boss gave me a pat on my shoulder out of a sudden, before I realized that he was just calming himself that way. on Tuesday I decided to be a vegan. on Wednesday I craved for meat but was too tired to buy one at the market. yesterday I decided to came and here I was, sitting here with her.

oh, how still her life was.

she, who stopped baking pecan pie since I walked away. she who was  never tired to wait for me every Friday.

"I'd like to ask for your favor, if you don't mind." she said, breaking the sudden silence just now.

"sure. you know I'd do anything for you."



april said...

aku jeles dengan penulisan kau.

Edy said...

"oh, how still her life was."

aku jeles dengan kehidupan camtu.

martini said...

april: manipulasi emosi dan mood. (:

Edy: aku juga but hectic life pays.

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