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The Visit (4)

she went silent. it was something hard to say, I could tell by the way she clasped her hands together. I could tell by the way she bit her lower lip.

"what is it? just tell me. I would love to do you the favor."

she waited until I finished eating. she knew how would I react to bad news while eating. I would throw up.

after the pecan pie, I looked into her eyes. the eyes were the same since I could remember.  the eyes I looked at when I was scared. the eyes I looked at when I was sad. the eyes I looked at when I was happy. the eyes, with crow's feet so deep.

"dear, I am begging you. please,"

the eyes, the eyes were not looking at me.

"please stop visiting me."

I could feel myself blinked for a few times. I swallowed hard. so hard it felt like I was swallowing sands. it was bitter too.

"but...but why?"

"because I'm dead. you buried me. your father buried me. remember?"

and my mind went back years ago, when I was a teen, when the day just stopped raining like this very day, the day my mother breathed her final breath. and suddenly the day rained back, heavily.

and I just sat there. alone. without her anymore.

and it started to rain again.



Dark Half said...

ok, ini sangat sedih. sometimes, people just can't let go

Martini Muaz said...


Edy said...

oh shoot!

wicked twist!

this is depressing, yet somehow beautiful.

terbaek ar, tini.

nasyrun said...

pendapat aku sama dengan edy

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